White paper

Sector Token Whitepaper Version 1.2



Sector is the investment company built on blockchain technologies.Sector mission simlifyinvestments in digital assets (cryptocurrencies and tokens) as clear and simplefor allinvestors, as well as to provide higher profitability compared to investments in ordinaryassets (deposits, shares, national currencies).

Buying a sector token(digital share), you become the owner of the most innovative and profitable crypto-assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, without spending time on self-study of this area.

Sector also attracts investments in real sector projects, choosing the most promising companies that can consistently generate profits for our investors.

Advantages of SectorToken

  1. Ability to invest in the best crypto assets by simply buying sector token.
  2. Receiving dividendsfor each sector tokenin one of the most stable cryptocurrencies –Ethereumthrough smart contractstechnology.
  3. Limited emission.There will be only 100 tokens of Sector. All company tokens will be issued at the same time. Additional token issuance will not be possible to protect investors from inflation.
  4. Focus on the strong financial component of the project. We understand that profit is the main point of concern for investors. All efforts of the team will be aimed at ensuring stable growth of the sector tokenrate. This growth will beachieved through high-quality analytics of digital assetsandgradual emission of sector tokens through around 4 ICOs per year with 1-2 tokens being sold. There will be only 1 token sold in first ICO.
  5. Utilityand Provision. Most tokens and cryptocurrencies have no real use and are justspeculative financial instruments. They are not provided with anything. Sector token will be provided with the best digital assets, as well as real sector assets. The practical application of the token will be associated with providing an opportunity for ordinary investors to profit from the fast-growing sphere of crypto assets.
  6. In the short term, sector tokenwill have virtually no competitors, which will highlightthe token from other digital assets.